A Mother’s Words

Little Shezzy Boy

Shezanne “Shez” Cassim is an American from Woodbury, Minnesota, who has been imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates since April 2013 for posting an amateur comedy video on YouTube.


It’s been a terrible nightmare since April knowing that my baby is locked up in a cell 7,000 miles away. Why does he, for all these months, have to be secluded from the world and treated like a criminal? Where is the justice here? He is a kind, responsible man and does not deserve to be where he is today. All who know him will say the same.

A good eight months of his life has been taken away from him for no reason. He is a comedian at heart and all he wanted to do was make people laugh.I remember a time he played a practical joke on his beloved grandmother (she  passed away this spring while he was in prison). He called her and said that he was a pizza delivery guy, delivering the pizza she ordered. The old lady politely told him that she did not order the pizza and as he continued to insist that she did, she got agitated and fought back. Finally, very calmly, tongue in the cheek, Shez asked her “is your name Nene” (what he called his grandmother)? She burst out laughing because she knew it was him.

​My Christmas wish is that this nightmare will soon be over and Shez will be back with us safe at home where he belongs.

–Written by Shez’s mom Jean

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